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Very, very dangerous

December 19, 2012
The Daily News


Wolves deer animals and then us. I wonder how the DNR did their deer kill count this year?

They must have used the juvenile deer kill in the Iron Mountain area as part of their survey. The wolves, which I personally have seen there, have chased them out of my area west of Channing.

The area has 200 acres of cedar swamp with a creek running through it and surrounded by hardwood forest. This year our group shot fewer bucks and saw more wolves than ever. This is also going to hurt our economy in the area. I know of a number of groups that will probably not return because some of them did not see a deer, and none of them saw a buck. First time in 20 years that bucks were not shot.

Another bad part of this is that the wolves have chased them out of their natural habitat and into the cities, towns and even Sawyer Lake where they have no food in the winter unless somebody feeds them.

When wolves were declared near extinction by DNR in March 1943 with two but no more than three, and none below Koski's Corner, I saw wolf tracks in January 30 miles below Koski's Corner and in May a huge wolf ran past me, five feet away, 40 miles below Koski's Corner.

What I am saying is the DNR has always underestimated the wolf count.

Wolves are seen regularly around Sagola, we have a few around Lake Ellen and I am sure over ten in Mansfield Township.

In the last ten years, I have seen a tremendous increase in the wolf population. When they run out of deer and the other animals for food, we are next.

Make no mistake, a hungry wolf is a very, very dangerous animal.

Leo Fende




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