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The real meaning

December 4, 2012
The Daily News


It's happening again. In many places in this great country, all symbols and signs of Christmas are being denied a place on public property. And the law agrees. The people behind the anti-Christ movement are few compared to those who are Christian. Why do we allow the minority to rule?

But we can fight back if we all do what little we can maybe we can change things.

I noticed that most of the Christmas ads say "Happy Holidays," whatever happened to "Merry Christmas?" Christmas vacation has become winter vacation a tree has become a "Holiday Tree." We're making it easy for the anti-Christmas movement.

If someone greets you with "Happy Holiday" give them an empathic "Merry Christmas."

If you send cards, send only those that carry a message about Christ. If you have only generic cards, add your own message, keep Christ in Christmas. Use the Holy Family stamps.

Last Christmas I drove around to see the decorations, Santa made a good showing, Jesus and the Holy Family were hardly seen. Imagine having a birthday celebration without the guest of honor.

Let's remember and show the real meaning of this Christmas season.

Dorothy Meneghini




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