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Have not had success

December 3, 2012
The Daily News


This is a response to the letter to the editor from Barbara J. Kramer, Iron Mountain, Commissioner-Elect, Dickinson County, District 3, regarding the outdated E911 System in Dickinson County headed "Would guarantee reliable service."

It is deplorable that the E911 System was allowed to come to this point, but the only people responsible for this are the County Board of Commissioners, Mr. Wender, Mr. Smith, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Degenaer, and Ms. Martin.

These commissioners, in the past, have not and still do not have any rules or guidelines or by-laws or Rules of Order as required by the state of Michigan Compiled Laws.

This means that from day one they did not have any future plans to see that the E911 System would not come to this point.

All personnel, including Pete Schlitt, emergency management coordinator, and all others related to this E911 System are equally responsible for this problem.

As Ms. Kramer states "It is necessary to maintain the services our residents have come to expect, and indeed to which they are entitled by state law."

The .4 (four-tenths) of a mill would only have put a band-aid on this problem and this is what the voters are telling you.

This band-aid approach would not guarantee reliable service. The E911 System has gone the same way as the Dickinson County roads and highways.

The county roads are deplorable. These same commissioners, for as many years or more as E911 have appointed their friends and relatives to the Dickinson County Road Commission (instead of letting the people elect them as the state of Michigan proposed).

Between the five commissioners and the three appointed Road Commissioners they allowed the roads to get in the condition they are. From day one they did not have any future plans for the roads and still do not.

Their answer was the .5 (one-half ) mill. This gives a lot of aid to the cities of Iron Mountain, Kingsford, and Norway but only puts a band-aid on the roads of the rest of the county.

No rules or guidelines or by-laws or Rules of Order as required by Michigan Compiled Laws and we see the same results as the E911 System.

The Dickinson County Crystal Lake property, owned by the county citizens, taxpayers and voters is going the same way as the E911 System and county roads. After sinking millions of dollars into this Crystal Lake business and continuing to sink money into this lost cause, these five commissioners have given part of the property to Delta County through a YMCA and are attempting to give the rest of the taxpayer owned high rent paying property to this same Delta County.

If allowed to continue Delta County will own all of this high-valued taxpayer property plus Bay College in Iron Mountain while the county taxpayers pay the millage imposed on them by the five county commissioners.

Same old. Same old.

From day one and continuing into the future, no guidelines or rules as required by Michigan Compiled Laws.

I could go on and on for every committee or board these five commissioners have appointed to control and will in the future. These commissioners have not had success with anything they have put their hands on because they do not have any rules or guidelines as required by Michigan Compiled Laws.

If these commissioners decide to put this E911 System millage on the February ballot, vote no.

Since The Daily News does not print anything of value to the readers against millage proposals, I am sending these e-mails to Senator Casperson and Representative McBroom with letter copies to U.S. Representative Benishek, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, and Iron, Menominee and Delta County Boards.

Gerald McCole




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