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We need to fix this

November 8, 2012
The Daily News


Has anyone taken the time to ride past the deer park at Iron Mountain City Park lately?

I have seen several cars and trucks there when I take my Grandchildren there to see the deer.

I see people stop and look at the deer and many shaking their heads.

Why? Because they are good people that are concerned for the plight of these deer.

On one occasion, a man pointed out that Blizzard had hoof prints on his back from another deer. Another man there taking pictures of the deer this past Friday said he saw the older buck attack Blizzard, and send him rolling down the hill to the right side of the deer fence.

Poor Blizzard.

There are too many bucks in a small area. Ask any good hunter and he will tell you that you need a ratio of bucks to does for the safety of these animals. Everyone loved Blizzard.

At first they came to see him, and watch him because he was special. They even got involved enough to help pick out his name. He was special.

What about now? Have you forgotten him and the others?

The city was awarded the grant money. They had a very well attended city picnic in City Park this past summer, to add to the necessary funds for City Park.

But what was done? First they large earth movers up on top of the hill above the deer fence to re-do the soccer field which will not be used until next summer.

They finally planted trees this fall, but they are fenced off waiting to grow.

I am confused. I thought the idea was to plant trees to give the deer shelter and a break from the winter winds.

Could the city possibly use a back-hoe to move a few 8 foot to 10 foot pines from the front entrance to the park to the deer fence, to give the deer a wind break?

When I called City Hall I was told the deer could lie down behind the fallen logs and use that as a break from the wind.

But this will not protect their tender ears from frost-bite. The fallen logs present a danger to these deer.

There are not one or two logs laying around there are many. A deer could slip and fall, injuring himself or other deer. The deer area looks like a war zone.

I thought there was talk about moving the existing fence over to give the deer more room to go into the wooded area. This has not been done.

Is this what you want your beautiful City Park to look like?

It saddens me to see the plight of these animals. People stand up and say we need to fix this and the time to do this is getting short.

It is now November and will soon snow. Voice your opinions. Help the deer in the park.

Don't allow the deer to be like the bear that used to be in the park many years ago.

The deer need adequate shelter and good food to make the winter. Please find it in your heart to help them.

Jeanne Gardipee




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