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Equal moderator

October 29, 2012
The Daily News


Once again in the leftist controlled Presidential debate, with the third leftist moderator at the helm, important questions were not put to President Obama. In a fair debate, important questions should have been asked, including these four:

1. Why were the ambassador to Libya's requests for additional security denied, and why was no ammunition given to the security people? Result: four murdered Americans.

2. Why did the president stop the investigation into Eric Holder's refusal to turn over his records on the Fast and Furious debacle using executive order? Why the cover up?

3. When the government bailed out General Motors, why were the bond holders pushed aside to last place in the real order of debt repayments, in the so-called rescue, and where did the money in the union pension fund go?

4. If General Motors can now stand on its own, why did the government's purchase of GM trucks rise 79 percent in June?

The questions that should be asked never seem to be asked during these debates. The moderators seem to steer questions toward an agenda that they embrace. Maybe in future debates, the Republicans will demand equal moderator time.

F. Paul Jensen

Florence, Wis.



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