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Opposite has happened

October 26, 2012
The Daily News


Mr. Obama, I know that you want and need my vote, but before I can do that I need to ask you some questions. So here goes.

Regarding our allies, why did you send the bust of Churchill back to England as soon as you took office, and why didn't you have time to meet with Netanyahu, yet have time to spend with Beyonce, David Letterman, and other celebrities?

In short, why have you turned your back on Israel? Why did you aid the Egyptians to topple their leader (who was pro-American) and yet will not help Syria (whose leader is not) get rid of theirs?

Why have the Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin (all communists and anti-American) given their approval and support for you?

From your own book, in your own words: Why did you choose to associate with 'radicals' when you stated that you "chose your friends carefully?"

And why did you also say that if the winds should change you would "stand with the Muslims?" Why didn't you want to show your birth certificate, and why can't we see your school enrollment documents or any of the papers you authored?

As a self-professed 'Christian,' how could you champion the practice of allowing babies to die if they miraculously survived partial birth abortions?

How could you admire and consider Rev. Wright a mentor, and listen to his venomous tirades for so many years? Why do you refuse to display the American Flag on your touring bus, and why did you participate in the Muslim religious holiday but not in the National Day of Prayer?

Why have you missed approximately 60 percent of your daily briefings? Why do you advocate gun control and why are you selling our brass overseas, making it more difficult to purchase ammunition? Why are you standing in the way of making America more energy-independent, and why do you continue to invest in alternative energy companies that continue to fail?

Most importantly, why do you continue your reckless spending when you must realize that the mounting debt is unsustainable?

Why did you run off to Las Vegas immediately following the horrendous attack on our embassy recently - when your leadership was desperately needed - and then spend $70,000 of my money to pay for ads apologizing to the people who did it? And why couldn't you call it what it was a terrorist attack?

Lastly, why do you call Republicans 'the enemy,' and why do you breed such divisiveness?

I believe that you represent all Americans; not just the ones you agree with. And you said you would bring this country together and that there would be 'no blue states and no red states,' but just the opposite has happened - under your watch we've become more divided than ever.

So, President Obama, if you'll kindly answer these questions honestly and completely, I'll think about voting for you, but I won't hold my breath while I'm waiting.

Kathy Tomosaski




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