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Better reasons than that

October 26, 2012
The Daily News


This election will be the crossroad to becoming a third class country or with genuine cooperation from both parties and four years to get us back working again.

Obama has done nothing to get the middle class back working again. He did import a million workers from Mexico, bypassing congress, and also gave them work permits which did not help our own workers and help put us further in debt.

What about his foreign policy? The Mideast is in turmoil with his policy.

He is snubbing Israel and has radicals on his staff.

He has done nothing about the atomic bomb being made in Iran. His foreign policy is much like his domestic policy.

I am not a good fan of Romney, but he did start his career as a middle class person and built his fortune through industry. He knows how to get unemployment down which will help the middle class and put USA on the road to recovery.

With Obama we will have more and more people on food stamps, be bankrupt and probably never recover. A lot of people do not look at our future in their voting in the coming election. For instance, one person told me I am a Democrat, I will vote Democrat all my life; another told me why should I vote for a person that has an elevator from his garage up to the second floor of his home.

I hope voters will have better reasons than that.

I do have a suggestion to help the Social Security fund and even probably reduce the percentage we pay or increase our benefits. The suggestion is to have everyone on Social Security no matter how much you make. You could probably put the retirement age to 62 and put more people to work. That would be a good way to help our low and middle class workers and help the unemployment problems.

Leo Fende




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