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Doctors speak to Golden K members on wound healing and hyperbaric medicine

May 19, 2012
By Orice Walters - For The Daily News , The Daily News

KINGSFORD - It was another beautiful spring morning as Golden K Club members and friends gathered together to sing and learn about healing of wounds and hyperbaric facilities in our town.

Al Galeazzi chaired the meeting and introduced the program. "God Bless America" and pledge to the American flag is a must do at every meeting.

"Happy Birthday" was sung for Randy Weege, Jim Pollard and Lois Outcelt.

Last Wednesday when the Golden Throats sang at Manor Care, Bobby Jo Riske, their activity coordinator, sang a very special rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Jim Pollard who was 84 on Monday.

Two very happy Golden K couples, both married more than 50 years, are celebrating wedding anniversaries this week. Congratulations to Golden K'rs Bill and Margaret Trudell and Dick and Jean Abraham.

The welcome song was sung for guests Al Calcari, Lisa Anderson, and Phil Miziniak, DPT and Dr. W.B. Carlson Jr., program speakers. Pot of Gold winner was Marty Waananen who just arrived back from wintering out west.

Lisa Anderson of the Intermediate School District was introduced by Jim Pollard. She spoke about sponsors for third to seventh grade special needs kids to go to Bay Cliff Health Camp in June for a three- day camp. Golden K contributes to Bay Cliff annually, through their Peanut Fund-raiser and other donations given to the club.

There were lots of Happy Dollars given this week for many good reasons.

It's good to have Donnell Swanson back and Vernell Gendron after brief stays at health facilities. Harlan Walters read another good one from Zyg Bonkowski about the seven-year-old nephew of Brendan who he visited in Kentucky. The nephew and his mom went with Brendan to the airport, but Brendan came back to them and told them he'd have to wait at the airport another three hours. "How come?" the nephew asked. He answered "My plane has been grounded." "Grounded?" the boy said. "I didn't know planes had parents."

Bill Trudell handed out flyers on the schedule of the annual summer "Out to Lunch" program.

Golden K members were privileged to learn about and watch a power point video on the new wound care system that is part of the Dickinson County Hospital. Telling the story was Phil Miziniak, Doctor of Physical Therapy, who has been the wound specialist at DCH for 13 years and is now the program manager of the newly built facility for DCH Wound Care System, located north of the hospital on U.S. 2.

Also speaking to the group was Dr. W. D. Carlson Jr. the medical director of the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Dr. Miziniak spoke and explained various topics pertaining to wound care including: Arterial ulcerations, neuropathic ulcerations which includes 8.3 percent of the population have diabetes while one-third of the population is unaware that they have it.

He also told about pressure ulcer etiology and dressings of different types for wound healing such as: advanced dressings, antimicrobiatics, special footwear and grafting using synthetic skin substitutes.

Dr. Carlson spoke about the new technology of hyperbaric.

This technology is now a part of the new wound care system, using hyperbaric oxygen therapy; hyper-increased, baric-pressure, oxygen-is oxygen. He explained that oxygen is vital to wound healing. Oxygen as therapy or HBO is important to the hyperbaric chamber. There are two monoplace chambers in the new DCH wound care facility. The treatment of a patient is in an enclosed environment with increased pressure of 100 percent oxygen. HBO is a new paradigm. To be able to offer HBO treatment can be life saving or limb saving for 10 to 20 percent of people dealing with diabetes ulcerations.

Presently there are about 1,200 hyperbaric chambers in the country.

There were many questions asked by the GK members about this very new health and healing subject. The presentation and time given by Dr. Carlson and Dr. Miziniak to educate and inform us of what our local health system has to offer is very much appreciated.

There will be an open house of the new Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine on Sunday, June 10. Watch the newspaper for the time.

Golden Throats will be singing at Evergreen Assisted Living on Wednesday, May 23 at 2 p.m. with Scott Furlow accompanying on the piano and Margaret Trudell directing.

The next meeting of GK is Monday morning May 21 at 10 a.m. at the Presbyterian Church in Kingsford. The program will be KHS music students under the direction of Crystal Hogan.

Golden K meets every Monday morning. It is a part of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program and is open to all. Visitors are always welcome.



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