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You do not stand for me

November 16, 2011
The Daily News

EDITOR:I am a taxpayer of Dickinson County and I would like to go on record as asking, who is the guy that keeps asking "Am I going crazy or what?"

And why is he always hollering in the name of the taxpayer? I am a taxpayer and do not agree with the issues he so viciously states are or are not in our best interest.

But who is he? Many of the issues I have seen in the paper are simply not true or they absolutely make no sense.

Where does he get his information?

You do not stand for me, the taxpayer, if you cannot get your facts straight before pointing fingers at every agency in this town that you "feel" is not doing a good job.

So again, where do you get your facts?

Our forefathers worked very hard to allow us the valuable and responsible right to Freedom of Speech.

Don't use it as a way to stand on your soapbox while crying in the name of the taxpayer simply to voice an uneducated opinion.

Patricia Champion

Iron Mountain



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