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Lots of pictures

November 23, 2010
The Daily News

My digital camera broke.

This might not seem like a huge deal for most, but for me, it's devastating.

My camera has become an attachment to me.

Growing up, my mom and I were always "crafty." She taught me how to draw, how to sew, and how to cross-stitch.

It was our way of having mother-daughter bonding.

But like most draughts do, I started growing into my own. I found that taking picture of my friends and I was more "my thing."

But like any great mom would, my mom found a way to connect with me.

She suggested I created a scrapbook.

She should me how saving little mementoes like movie stubs and concert tickets, were just as important as the photos of my friends and I.

My mom also suggested that I take action shots, not just posed one. She reminded me that the atmosphere behind the picture is just as important as the people in it.

One day, I'll want to remember what the hallways of my high school looked like or the inside of the bowling ally. That way, I could share it with my daughter.

As the years went on and the scrapbooks started to stack up I found that I was taking pictures of every-day situations, not just major events like birthdays and vacations.

I don't have to have the text definition of a "Pinnacle" moment to photograph a special life.

My mom taught me that.

Whenever my friends went on a shopping trip or a simple walk through the woods, I always managed to capture a special moment.

Looking back now, I realize that because I always had my camera, I have pictures that are more significant to me now, than they were at the time.

I capture me and a foreign exchange student from Brazil, eating pizza at her favorite American Restaurant. I have pictures of Tony Spigarelli, a close friend who passed away, sitting in Statistic class.

And a snapshot of my brother and I riding a tandem bicycle.

One of my favorite times was when I took pictures of my boyfriend and I with a flat tire.

We were on our way up to Houghton to visit his family. In the middle of nowhere, a tire blew. I was able to capture the moment and turn a not so great time, into a funny memory.

These are times that I will always hold onto, in memory and in a photo.

So here's a little advice: Take pictures, lots of pictures - while you may not appreciate them now looking back you will.

Someone once told me take a picture of yourself today because you're only getting older and you'll never be as young again as you are right now.

Everyday life is full of great things I don't want to forget.

I'm saving for a new camera.

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