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Soul is immortal

July 13, 2015 EDITOR, I drove to Marquette last week and saw the potatoes growing and it reminds me of a conversation I had some time back with a friend and we were talking about abortion. more »»

Someone else’s expense

July 10, 2015 EDITOR, On June 24, 2015 the Wall Street Journal had an informative article entitled “Obamacare beyond the Handout. more »»

Sensible thing

July 9, 2015 EDITOR, After more than half a century of hostility, conflict, and rancor the Obama administration has begun normalizing relations with Cuba. All I can say is: hoora. more »»

He will be fed for a lifetime

July 4, 2015 If you give a hungry man $10 and he buys a fish dinner, he will be fed for a day. However, if he invests the $10 in a fishing pole, he will be fed for a lifetime. more »»

The true purpose

July 2, 2015 EDITOR, On June 30, a letter appeared in The Daily News titled “Loose and fre. more »»

Maker’s manual

July 1, 2015 EDITOR, Years ago, I was a new car dealer. I had sold a new car and two years later the customer came in complaining about a noise under the hood. It sounded like a threshing machine. more »»

Loose and free

June 30, 2015 EDITOR, As of right now, Michigan is a right to work state. That simply means you don’t have to belong to a union anymore. This includes both private companies and public workers unio. more »»

Benefits of a small town

June 29, 2015 EDITOR: As I grow older and wiser the benefits of growing up in a smaller town (the sign on highway reads population 500) was the best education experience a boy could have. more »»

Won't be a victim

June 26, 2015 EDITOR: Last week a wolf came to visit. He sat and watched the flock for an hour, then stood up and killed nine innocent people in churc. more »»

Improper use of signs

June 26, 2015 EDITOR: When slow moving vehicle signs are used for mailbox or driveway markers, drivers forget they are meant to mark slow moving vehicles. more »»

Issues that are more important

June 25, 2015 EDITOR: This is a direct reply to Dr. Ryan’s letter a couple of weeks ago concerning the transformation of Bruce Jenner from a man to becoming a woman. more »»

Photo album of carpets lost in IM-K

June 24, 2015 EDITOR: Jeff Dault, handicapped single man who makes incredible rag carpets for extra money, has lost his photo album containing photos of all of the carpets he has made through the years. more »»

Punishing Michigan’s poor

June 23, 2015 EDITOR: They just don’t get it. more »»

This helps the deer

June 22, 2015 EDITOR, Are you doing what is best for deer? I did some research on this last night and spent three hours on a great website. The site was www.deerfriendly. more »»

We need birth control

June 20, 2015 While I applaud Pope Francis for his interest in the environment, the problem that’s driving climate change isn’t unsustainable consumption —it’s unsustainable population growth. more »»

Vote no in August

June 19, 2015 EDITOR, Here we go again, front page of The Daily News, “ County discusses options for donated fair building.” Let’s try and dissect what the heck our five elected officials are up to now. more »»

Embracing wickedness

June 18, 2015 EDITOR, When we look at all that is going on in the world it is easy to point our finger at our neighbor with contempt and then excuse ourselves from the same things. more »»

Blatantly unethical

June 17, 2015 EDITOR, If you or I don’t buy Obamacare compliant insurance we are fined and penalized by the IRS. more »»

What is best for the deer

June 16, 2015 EDITOR, The DNR just stated that the only change in hunting this year is that bow hunters will not be able to shoot a doe during bow season for two years. more »»

Puts the people first

June 15, 2015 EDITOR, On July 1st, there will be sweeping changes to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Law in Michigan. more »»



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