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Leaving no tracks at all

October 30, 2013 EDITOR: This is to the DNR. I’ve tangled with my first cougar on a trap line back in 1969, when I was 15. It was in the Cassidy Lake-Fern Creek area of the county. more »»

Conflict of interests

October 30, 2013 EDITOR: Governor Snyder is trying to pull a fast one on the people of Michigan. Rather than disclose donors to his secretive NERD Fund, he has closed the fund in hopes that the questions will go away. more »»

Continue the fight

October 29, 2013 EDITOR This is in reference to and a continuation of the Letter to the Editor submitted to and printed in The Daily News on Thursday, June 25, headed “Other people’s mone. more »»

Good financial responsibility

October 28, 2013 EDITOR: It’s time for me to weigh in on the upcoming election and the candidates for Kingsford’s City Council. more »»

Vigilance is not enough

October 28, 2013 EDITOR: They say that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Vigilance is not enough, people have to act on the information as well. more »»

Letters to Editor

October 26, 2013 No letters today... more »»

Try to be Americans

October 25, 2013 EDITOR: After reading William Dixon’s hatred for our president in Tuesday’s paper, I think the new Teapublican Mess owes Dixon some money. more »»

Basic human freedoms

October 25, 2013 EDITOR: The letter of Oct. 22 by Mr. Dixon is the thinking of most Tea Party citizens: get that black guy out of the White House. The ends should justify the means. more »»

Insurgency strategies

October 24, 2013 EDITOR: Several recent letters to the editor have compelled me to express my opinion about Americas present political, economic and racial situations. more »»

Congress is at it again

October 23, 2013 EDITOR: If “time is money” and “the proof is in the pudding,” then congress has proven these old sayings are true. Congress is at it again. more »»

Tea Party crackpots

October 23, 2013 EDITOR: A House of Representatives stenographer was forcibly removed after exhibiting some rather bizarre behavior, ranting about God and Freemasonry during the vote on raising the debt ceiling,... more »»

Born in a barn

October 23, 2013 EDITOR: Having just read the letter “Clothing doesn’t matter” dated Oct. 8 by Dianne Hicks in Kingsford made me think instantly of the ‘oft-quoted Bible phrase, “judge not and Ye shall not be judged. more »»

Generic name

October 23, 2013 EDITOR: With all the fuss over a team’s name, I sincerely hope “PETA” the animal rights people, don’t get into the ac. more »»

Known as Ford Airport

October 22, 2013 EDITOR: I am a senior-senior citizen. When I was only a senior citizen, my wife Trudy and I were close friends with Mario and Audrey Fontana. more »»

It must be a duck

October 22, 2013 EDITOR: In response to “Facts and truth” letter of Oct. more »»

Concept of standardizing education

October 21, 2013 EDITOR: Are you aware of what your school may be teaching? Have you heard of Common Core? The concept of standardizing education does sound good. But I would encourage you to do some research. more »»

Great Oz is a phony

October 21, 2013 EDITOR: Whenever I am looking at the history of a town and read the Wikipedia summation, I always look into the present structure of the town. more »»

No Letters Today

October 19, 2013 ... more »»

Life is simply experienced

October 18, 2013 EDITOR: Much of the religious discourse that has occurred in the Voice of the People I would categorize as early stage religion. more »»

Opposed to the wolf hunt

October 17, 2013 EDITOR: I attended the Oct. 10 Natural Resources Commission meeting in Iron Mountain.  There, the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, an advocate for Michigan’s wolf hunt beginning No. more »»



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