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Reduced hunt needed to restore U.P.’s deer herd

December 17, 2015 EDITOR: I am a 70-year-old hunter from Menominee County. I have lived all my life in the Hermansville area, and I have 40 acres and a small camp on the Vega Road in north Menominee Country. more »»

Homeless here merit attention

December 17, 2015 EDITOR: In all the demagoguery being thrown about concerning admitting tens of thousands of additional refugees, I have failed to hear or see any mention of our own internal refugee problem — the... more »»

Don’t blame president for problems

December 16, 2015 EDITOR: l am writing about the letter in the Monday, Dec. 7, newspaper, “President weakening our nation.” l feel several points he made were half-truths. more »»

Thanks for returning my yard sign

December 16, 2015 EDITOR: I am amused by the contempt that some people hold towards me. On Dec. 11, I found my only stolen re-election yard sign stuck in the ground in my backyard. more »»

Slaves in our own nation

December 15, 2015 EDITOR: Recently with all of the terrorist attacks here and abroad, I became fearful for my friends and famil. more »»

Lessons from World War II

December 14, 2015 EDITOR: I was eight years old in 1941 and remember the spot where I stood when I heard the President announced on the radio that we were at war. more »»

Don’t repeal prevailing wage

December 14, 2015 EDITOR: There’s a small group of extreme, anti-union contractors who are spending big money right now to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law. more »»

Please follow donation guidelines

December 11, 2015 EDITOR: Monday morning I came to work to find a very large braided floor rug left outside the locked dumpster. It indeed was garbage since much of the stitching had let go. more »»

Incompatible with our values

December 11, 2015 EDITOR: Is Obama misled, distracted, or following a hidden agenda? In his Sunday night address, Obama stated, “It is the responsibility of Americans of any faith to reject discrimination of any... more »»

Veterans office lacks adequate funding

December 10, 2015 EDITOR: As I stated in my letter to the editor, dated Oct. 6, the closure of the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) serving the Dickinson County area is a distinct possibility. more »»

President ruling like a dictator

December 9, 2015 EDITOR: Our once great country is on a rapid decline. We have become a weakened nation. The absence of U.S. leadership is evident to the world. We are now living in a critical period in history. more »»

DICSA board to meet

December 8, 2015 EDITOR: The Dickinson-Iron Community Services Agency (DICSA) Finance Committee has scheduled their December meeting for 10 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. more »»

President weakening our nation

December 7, 2015 EDITOR: A few thoughts on who or what is Barack Obama. What is his objective for America? Let’s look at his name, Barack Hussein Obama. more »»

Stop funding Planned Parenthood

December 4, 2015 EDITOR: I called both Senator Peters and Senator Stabenow and asked their staff member to urged them to vote yes and support HR 3762, a bill to remove about 90 percent of the federal dollars going t... more »»

Benefits really pay off

December 3, 2015 EDITOR: Holiday classics often mention peace, joy, and comfort, but the sad truth is that this season can also be a very stressful time. more »»

Everlasting happiness

December 2, 2015 EDITOR: Approximately every 120 years the earth’s population changes out. Seven to 8 billion are born and 7 to 8 billion die. more »»

Not an honor

December 1, 2015 EDITOR: In today’s world, many people know honor as a positive word. more »»

Home heating help available

December 1, 2015 EDITOR: Local residents now have money available for home heating aid. The state of Michigan was granted over $140 million recently. Residents can learn about heating assistance at: HeatingMyHome. more »»

Protect and maintain services

November 25, 2015 EDITOR: At the heart of our Christian faith is the belief that our relationship with God should be a mirror for the way we live in community with one another. more »»

Concern for the safety of U.S.

November 24, 2015 EDITOR: All week long the news and talk shows on Fox News have been focused on terrorism. It started last week in Paris, now today in Mali. more »»



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