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Guilty of listening

February 4, 2014 EDITOR: In The Wall Street Journal on Jan. 30, 2014, there was a column about Obama’s “State of Disunion. more »»

A very bad idea

February 3, 2014 EDITOR: Her’s my two cents on the road diet. There are a few in this community who have visions of grandeur. They look into their crystal ball and see hundreds of people biking down Carpenter Avenu. more »»

No one listens

January 31, 2014 EDITOR: I would like to commend The Iron Mountain Daily News for their fantastic series on the history of Iron Mountain. more »»

The man upstairs

January 30, 2014 EDITOR: In the summer of 1961 or so I wanted to go out to the woods where the log truck was parked to get some tools. My pickup needed some repairs. more »»

Greatest gift of all

January 29, 2014 EDITOR: Every day is a learning experience. Some days I enjoy the lessons I learn. Most of a person’s life is a pleasant series of learning opportunities. more »»

Support the road diet

January 28, 2014 EDITOR: As an Iron Mountain business owner located on Carpenter Avenue, I support the road diet proposa. more »»

Shortage is contrived

January 28, 2014 EDITOR: Governor Snyder of Michigan and Governor Walker of Wisconsin have issued state emergency decrees in regard to the shortage of propane gas. more »»

Unsung heroes

January 27, 2014 EDITOR: We’ve all heard of unsung heroes. Over my years there were many. They would always say don’t use my name, and I never will. 1. more »»

Forest and economic health

January 24, 2014 EDITOR: As the loss of 19 men in the Yarnell (Arizona) Hill Fire last year brought to the fore last year, there are many breaches in fortification against wildland fires, both for those who fight th... more »»

Leave it as it is

January 23, 2014 EDITOR: In response to the letter in The Daily News on “Road diet” for Carpenter Avenue, I say leave it as it is. Making it three lanes won’t be any improvemen. more »»

Hearings on the TPP

January 23, 2014 EDITOR: We demand full committee hearings on the TPP. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership before it has a chance to start. more »»

No chance for the public

January 23, 2014 EDITOR: President Obama has asked Congress to approve “fast track authority” for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade dea. more »»

More afraid of agitated drivers

January 22, 2014 EDITOR: I can’t speak for all the Bible-thumping, gun-toting, freedom-loving patriots. I can only speak for myself. more »»

Funny how that works

January 22, 2014 EDITOR: These two, short sentences tell you a lot about our government and our culture: 1. more »»

It’s sad to say

January 21, 2014 EDITOR: This letter is in response to Don Charlevoix’s letter about hunting whitetail deer. Way to go, Don. You hit the nail on the hea. more »»

Unfair to taxpayers

January 21, 2014 EDITOR: As a Councilman for the City of Kingsford, I have become very concerned with the greed that rules our great city. more »»

A good time to start

January 20, 2014 By LOUIS STEIGERWALD Superintendent Norway-Vulcan Area Schools The recent article in our local newspaper about the financial challenge faced by Iron Mountain Schools prompted folks to ask me... more »»

Take time to learn

January 17, 2014 EDITOR: I just finished reading the dutiful write up about your proposed “road diet” in Iron Mountain, in the Iron Mountain Daily News dated Jan. 14. more »»

Hunting whitetail deer

January 16, 2014 EDITOR: I hesitated to write this commentary regarding the decimated deer herd in knowing the juggling act the DNR has to endure with pressure coming from the auto insurance industry, farmers,... more »»

Facing reality

January 15, 2014 EDITOR: It is encouraging to see one of our political parties finally facing reality in the issues facing this country. more »»



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