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Dog and pony show

April 14, 2015 EDITOR, I read the wording of proposal 15-1, it’s not only one tax it’s three. The one percent increase in the sales tax is supposed to go back to the school aid fund and local governments. more »»

Creating zero jobs

April 14, 2015 EDITOR, I’ve read and heard a lot about the Trans Pacific Partnership and have come to the horrible conclusion that this latest trade deal won’t create any jobs. more »»

Badgers’ shocking win

April 14, 2015 EDITOR, As I sit here in my Wisconsin Badgers sweatshirt awaiting tonight’s (April 6) national championship game, I just put aside today’s Daily News after finishing it. more »»

Laps of the voters

April 13, 2015 EDITOR, I wish to remind voters in Dickinson County that on February 28, 2012 they very generously approved a 0. more »»

We all hang together

April 11, 2015 Once upon a time (1845-1855), there was a political party here within the United States that was referred to as The Know Nothings. more »»

The real cost of your vote

April 10, 2015 EDITOR, So you voted Republican this past election, eh, just like you did in 2010. Ever try to figure out what it cost you to put Gov. more »»

Repay contempt

April 9, 2015 EDITOR, The Army got it right about Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. more »»

The best interests

April 8, 2015 EDITOR, Recent rulings by the Michigan Tax Tribunal that upheld revised property taxes for a number of large businesses in Marquette County using the “dark store” methodology of assessing, has me... more »»

Program is covered

April 7, 2015 EDITOR, The Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency (DICSA) has scheduled their April 2015 DICSA Finance Committee Meeting for 10 a.m. more »»

Awesome experience

April 6, 2015 EDITOR, I have been in 4-H for as long as I can remember, and it has always been an awesome experience for m. more »»

Involved with 4-H

April 6, 2015 EDITOR, One of the most important things in my life has been my 4-H club. Since the age of seven, I have been involved with 4-H and have been working hard to improve the communit. more »»

Check yourself for ticks

April 4, 2015 With the beginning of tick season again, I am compelled to tell you the story of my grandson, Josh, who is 16 and has Chronic Lyme disease. more »»

Enough is enough

April 3, 2015 EDITOR, This letter is in response to a negative letter to the editor entitled “Have you had enough?” published in Wednesday’s edition of The Daily News. Enough IS enough. more »»

Don’t like to smell it

April 2, 2015 EDITOR, I read your short article on bird feeders-rats, March 30. Rat problems also come from the people who don’t put the trash out on the curb. We are required to do this from March 9 to May 16. more »»

Too much violence

April 2, 2015 EDITOR, I was appalled to read the letter “Shoot them right away” in Saturday’s Speak Out section of The Daily News. more »»

Have you had enough?

April 1, 2015 EDITOR, The Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine School District has held four meetings so far to try and push their $2.5 million referendum through in the Tuesday, April 7 election. more »»

Time to celebrate

March 31, 2015 EDITOR, We all can play a part in making meaningful connections. more »»

Just close the parks

March 30, 2015 EDITOR, Why not just close the parks altogether? The cost to use them is getting out of hand so, to increase usage, more rules and regulations will surely help. more »»

Smokers as bad people

March 30, 2015 EDITOR, I disagree with the smoking ban in parks. We teach or kids to love everyone equally but now you want them to picture smokers as bad people. more »»

They should stay home

March 28, 2015 I’m not from Michigan, but I am tired of the government telling people what and where they can do legal activities. Limits from the Bankers’ Association for Finance and Trade are restrictive enough. more »»



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