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As good as mentoring

June 10, 2015 EDITOR, Lately I have seen some new reports on mentoring. There are organizations which promote this, both in schools and outside. more »»

One loud message

June 9, 2015 EDITOR, The front page of The Daily News, June 2, 2015 edition screamed one loud message. All municipalities in the county are raising fees or rates in some area. more »»

Be there and be informed

June 9, 2015 EDITOR, The DICSA Governing Board has scheduled their monthly Governing Board Finance Committee meeting for 10 a.m. more »»

I praise Caitlyn

June 8, 2015 EDITOR, Prejudice is the product of many things but often it is simply a matter of inexperience and lack of exposur. more »»

We shall see what we shall see

June 6, 2015 Only ostriches and a few politicians bury their heads in the face of adversity and challenge. more »»

Top three issues

June 5, 2015 EDITOR, Recently received the official federal survey from Congressman Benishek, asking me to choose my top three issues from a prepared list of 10. more »»

Mandate to stop

June 5, 2015 EDITOR, On D-Day General Eisenhower did not tell his troops that we were going to defeat the national socialists so that we could cooperate with them. more »»

Toys in the attic

June 4, 2015 EDITOR, A round of applause, or maybe a standing ovation for the one and only “crazy or what,” who finally has shown his/her true colors, and they are a bit dark and sound like a dictatorship. more »»

Political power

June 4, 2015 EDITOR, In the United States today, it’s a dictatorship by the media. There’s really no difference between the U.S. media today and the state-run media in the old USSR. Today in the U.S. of A. more »»

The grass was cut

June 3, 2015 EDITOR, In regards to last Saturday’s Speak Out column, referencing the grass not being cut at the Quinnesec Cemetery, I am sorry to say, you are wrong. more »»

Breath a bit easier

June 3, 2015 EDITOR, Regarding information I read on the front page of The Daily News. I applaud our prosecutor Lisa Richards and Judge Cellelo for not buying into the perpetrator’s baloney. more »»

Another copout

June 2, 2015 EDITOR, The Daily News article on May 12, 2015, entitled “Reasonable Solution” referring to the Michigan deer season made no mention of predators being one of the reasons for the decline in the U.P. more »»

Outdoor warning sirens

June 1, 2015 EDITOR, On April 16, citizens, businesses, schools and government agencies across the state conducted a voluntary statewide tornado drill during Michigan’s Severe Weather Awareness Wee. more »»

Step up to the challenge

May 30, 2015 The recent CBS News 60 Minutes Report on America’s failing infrastructure was most disturbing. What in heaven’s name is our government waiting for? The obvious must be don. more »»

Live like you mean it

May 29, 2015 EDITOR, I have for some time followed the news, printed and electronic and I have listened as people informed and uninformed have spoken about gay marriag. more »»

Belongs in jail

May 29, 2015 EDITOR, Hillary said“what difference does it make?” Five wonderful Americans die for their country at Benghazi and that was her stupid remar. more »»

Late-term abortion

May 28, 2015 EDITOR, I am writing to show my support for H.R. 1797, also known as the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” which was recently passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. more »»

Advice for graduates

May 28, 2015 EDITOR, To those who have graduated high school this year I cannot emphasize enough how I wish I would have learned the following advice earlier in life. more »»

Pursue the possibility

May 27, 2015 EDITOR, I’ve read with interest about our law enforcement agency trying to raise $25,000 for a K-9 dog. This is quite a huge undertaking but one which I feel is truly worthwhile. more »»

Adapt to Canada

May 27, 2015 EDITOR, Let’s hear it for a Quebec mayor who refuses to remove pork from school canteen menu. Muslim parents demanded the abolition of pork in all the school canteens of a Montreal subur. more »»



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