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Getting worse as it evolves

November 5, 2014 EDITOR, In the midst of Ebola, ISIS and other current issues, another crisis is silently creeping up under the radar that will affect all of us. more »»

The inferior haters continue

November 5, 2014 EDITOR, Joseph Goebbels. Has anyone ever heard of this guy, who was the chief of propaganda for Hitler? His “Lie Theory” tactic was successfully used to win Germans over into the Nazi cult. more »»

Canceled my trip

November 5, 2014 EDITOR, I have been traveling to Michigans’s U.P. for over 20 years to bird hunt in the Crystal Falls area. Guess what? I canceled my trip this year. I think your state has gone nuts. more »»

We are a family

November 4, 2014 EDITOR, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” You may have heard that expression before and usually it is a good mantra to live by. more »»

Get rid of meth

November 3, 2014 EDITOR, Be aware. Meth has come to your town. The more unaware the community is, the quicker it’s devoured. As an ex-victim, and 30-year survivor, I would like to tell you a few facts about Meth. more »»

Tobacco control

November 3, 2014 EDITOR, I believe everyone or, most everyone tries at least one puff of a cigarette in their lifetime. more »»

You never see them

November 1, 2014 While watching a football game on TV at half-time, you have five football stars telling you what you just saw. Meanwhile, there is a band of over one-hundred people performing on the field. more »»

Creating a power source

October 31, 2014 EDITOR, The recent articles by the Iron Mountain Daily News concerning the Upper-Peninsula energy issues have illuminated the need for a long-term source of stable, affordable and accessible electri... more »»

Antiquated school funding formula

October 30, 2014 EDITOR, There were two recent submissions to your paper that I’d like to respond t. more »»

A good ski trail

October 29, 2014 EDITOR, Attention cross country skier. more »»

Get to the polls

October 28, 2014 EDITOR, In an article written by Ron French for Bridge Magazine on August 4, 2014 he said, “Dickinson County has the lowest voter turnout in non-presidential primaries in Michigan. more »»

Projections were wrong

October 28, 2014 EDITOR, Regarding the Florence County School $900,000 referendum. more »»

Raising the expectation

October 27, 2014 EDITOR, Just the other day I heard, “I don’t want to vote, the only choice I have is a lesser of two evils. more »»

Creative accounting

October 27, 2014 EDITOR, As a retired public school math teacher, I was interested in the conflicting political ads regarding Gov. Snyder’s education budgets. The website, http://kidsnotceos. more »»

It is always about politics

October 27, 2014 EDITOR, While the president faces multiple scandals such as IRS, NSA, V.A. more »»

The beat goes on

October 27, 2014 EDITOR, What does our government do with our tax dollars on all levels beside tax, spend and waste? Local, state and federal governments have been stashing away millions of dollars in securities... more »»

Unknown factors

October 27, 2014 EDITOR, The Florence County Taxpayers’ Alliance (FCTA) met recently with the Florence County School Referendum on the agend. more »»

The same action in our area

October 25, 2014 The Wednesday, Oct. 15 edition of The Daily News included a front page article detailing plans to disband the Cedar Springs, Mic. more »»

The only proper guide

October 24, 2014 EDITOR, Is God abandoning America? I think that is happening right before our eyes. The storm clouds are everywhere. Thousands of mostly uneducated illegals are allowed to cross our southern borde. more »»

The straight Democratic ticket

October 24, 2014 EDITOR, Soon it’ll be time to elect those you want to represent you in Lansing. If you like paying higher taxes, you know exactly who to vote for. Republicans. Remember Gov. more »»



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