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Japan loves cats

April 13, 2012 - Nikki Younk
There are many reasons I would like to visit or maybe even move to Japan. The country has a fascinating culture, beautiful scenery, and the world's most excellent candy. It also has a LOT of cat lovers.

If Japan loves cats and I love cats, I must love Japan, right? Sounds like solid logic to me.

Let's delve into Japanese cat culture, shall we?

First, there are the cat cafes. A cat cafe is a place of business where you can get a cup of coffee or tea while chilling with some friendly felines. Why, oh why do we not have these in the States?

Second, there is the cultural significance of the Maneki Neko. Maneki Nekos are little cat sculptures that have one or two arms raised in a beckoning gesture. They are said to bring prosperity, and can often be found near the entrances to businesses.

Third, there is internet documentation that Japanese cat owners are every bit as obsessive with their pets as we Americans are with ours. Just do a Google search for famous Japanese cats Maru or Shironeko to see what I mean. There are literally hundreds of photos and videos of them.

Makes me want to book my plane ticket right now.



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