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Tessa's quote of the day

April 12, 2012 - Terri Castelaz
This Tessa quote was too good to let go by without sharing.

While at dinner last night, Tessa took out the Shopko flyer from The Daily News and proceeds to tell her older sister, Cassie, that she's looking for something.

Tessa says, “Look sis I’m going to buy this camera.”

Cassie’s response, “Where are you going get the money to buy that camera.”

Tessa looks at her with a totally serious expression like come on sis you should know this and says, “At the Dollar Store, duh.”

Later that evening after she already took a bath and brushed her teeth she comes to bed eating candy. I say to Tessa, “You already brushed your teeth. Why are you eating candy before bed.” Tessa says, “Mom — there is more toothpaste. Don’t worry.”

I’m going to have to start a Tessa diary that is for sure. How in the world does she come up with this stuff — she's only three. She’s definitely ready for the entertainment industry.



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