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Happy January 4th!

January 3, 2012 - Nikki Younk
Tell me,

What do Isaac Newton (mathematician, inventor of calculus, contender for smartest human who ever lived, hater of apples, etc.), Louis Braille (child prodigy, inventor of the braille reading and writing system), Don Shula (legendary football coach...of Larry Csonka!), Nels Cline (guitarist extraordinaire), Bernard Sumner (of Joy Division and New Order fame), Michael Stipe (lead mumbler for R.E.M.), Dave Foley (Canadian funnyman and former Kid in the Hall), and Nikki Euphrasia Younk (your humble writer) all have in common?

We are all mental giants of our respective fields, of course. Geniuses. Genii, if you will.

Well, actually, no.

However, we do all share the same awesome birthday...January 4. What a celebration!

If you're not one of the January 4 elite, don't despair. You can still drink a toast to us. And have a piece of cake for Shula. He deserves it.



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