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A Whole Lotta Love and a Little Luck

July 28, 2014 - Theresa Proudfit
It was back in February when my friend Betsy ordered us tickets for The Barenaked Ladies concert at the Island Resort and Casino. I was still pregnant and thinking "Hell yeah, I'll be ready for a girls night out by July". I'm happy I agreed to the concert months earlier because as the weekend was approaching I was feeling pretty guilty about leaving my husband and baby girl at home while I went and spent money we really didn't have on concert tickets, drinks and a little gambling.

So let me back up a tad more. Last spring, as a wedding gift, my smart ass cousin Jeremy gave us a generous cash gift adorned in an envelope full of miscellaneous crap. Paper clips, lint, loose batteries, tootsie rolls, a napkin that said congratulations, some bar chips and a $1 table chip for the casino were all part of his thoughtful gift. Since my husband and I don't gamble too often it's been at the bottom of my purse for over a year.

Having no idea what to do with the chip, I mentioned to my cousin Kevin I had it and he suggested the roulette wheel. "Put it on black and let it ride" he said. So I took a walk by the wheel. It looked pretty easy. I put my chip down and the lady told me the minimum bet was $3. Since I only had the one chip, I blushed, grabbed my chip back and walked away. Well that was embarrassing. I walked over to the cashier to buy 2 more chips and was told I needed to purchase them at the table. Forget that, I'm not going back now.

So we went an enjoyed the concert, which was phenomenal. If you've never heard of the Barenaked Ladies, they are a Canadian alternative rock band with indie origins. A few of their most popular songs are "If I Had A Million Dollars", "One Week", and most recently, the theme for the sitcom "The Big Bang Theory". So I was caught off guard when the ladies, which by the way are all men, ended the concert with Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love". A cover from my dads favorite band. My friend Betsy looked over at me and said "He's here". That was enough for the tears to start rolling. So happy to feel my dad's presence at another musical event.

Feeling a little burst of joy I walked back into the casino. Passing the roulette table I noticed there was a new lady running the wheel. Since she hadn't witnessed my previous humiliation, I confidently asked her for 2 $1 chips. She replied the minimum bet is $3 so I put down my chip from cousin "Bubs" and told her to put all 3 on black 11. Black because my cousin Kevin said so and 11 for my daughters birth day. I closed my eyes and asked dad for a little help. When I opened them I saw black 11 and heard cheers around the table. I had just won $105 dollars. She handed me my chips, I tipped the nice lady $5 and turned to find my friends. "Ma'am" she called, "You forgot your $3 bet. These chips are yours too." I still have a little to learn. I handed one chip each to the 3 people sitting next to me and said "Good Luck". Then I proudly took a photo of my $100 chip and sent a thank you text to my cousins and another to my husband. That was enough for me.

"We are in the bar waiting for you" was the next text that came through from my friends. Off to celebrate my victory with great friends, Dani, Betsy and Mindo. We stayed out a little later then planned but when I got home and saw my sleeping husband and baby girl I felt so very blessed. Thanks to The Barenaked Ladies, my great friends, my two cousins and my dear Daddio for an amazing "girls night out".


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