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Psychopathic personalities

December 20, 2013 - Blaine Hyska
It’s no surprise that journalists are rumored to have psychopathic personalities.

Spending most of my adult life in the newspaper industry, it’s easy to see how people who are successful as journalists tend to lose their empathy when they’re dealing with crashes, fires, crimes, etc., day after day. Their profession requires them to delay their emotional reaction, and separate their feelings from their tasks.

It would be wonderful, but impossible, to report on a tragic event if you’re spending most of your time wiping tears from your eyes.

After all, there are deadines to be met.

You learn early on to become cold-hearted, that emotions must be suppressed, at least until deadline passes. You need to separate your feelings from the job. Individuals unable to do this usually find another line of work.

It’s simply the nature of the beast.

Journalists are not at the top of the list, however.

According to internet blogger Eric Barker, the top ten professions with psychopathy personalities are: 1. CEO; 2. Lawyer; 3. Media (TV/radio); 4. Salesperson; 5. Surgeon; 6. Journalist; 7. Police officer; 8. Clergyperson; 9. Chef; and 10. Civil servant.



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