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Riding in style

September 24, 2013 - Blaine Hyska
It’s been said that if I wasn’t complaining, I wouldn’t be breathing.

How sweet would it be to have a truck-load of stock in insurance companies now? Think of it. Your sales pitch would have to be awfully bad if you cannot sell health insurance today. Remember, Uncle Sam is forcing every man, woman and child to buy a plan.

Experts estimate it’s going to cost us about $328 a month, about the same as a new car payment.

Is that all? Detroit has to love that. Let’s see, buying a government-mandated insurance plan, or getting that new car: what am I going to do? At least you’ll be riding in style on your way to prison.

Wouldn’t you love it if the Washington rulers forced everyone in America to buy your product? I would be on easy street if the powers that be forced everyone to buy a newspaper.

Speaking of government-mandated, when is the regime going to proclaim free internet for everyone? You cannot get anyone in authority to answer a telephone, and every important form, document or map is only available online. Isn’t Washington omitting the poor folks from this equation?

Speaking of poor folks, how much is too much money? If Joe Dokes down the street has a big new house, buys a new car every year, takes a tropical vacation every winter, a ski vacation every spring, and has two or three four-wheelers with a fancy fishing boat thrown in for good measure, some would say he has too much.

Some would say the government needs step in spread his wealth. If that occurs, how long would it be before everyone makes the same salary regardless of how much sweat, toil and elbow grease was spent to give one’s family a better life?

Where’s the incentive to be anything but a parasitic sloth?



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