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Pray for devastation

July 12, 2013 - Blaine Hyska
It had to be a slip, didn’t it?

Jim (where’s my rain slicker) Cantore of the Weather Channel was giving an update on Tropical Storm Chantal earlier this week. While the storm would have little effect on the U.P., previous forecasts had it marching northwest from Cuba, right up through the middle of Florida.

This interested me because it would have potentially affected my mother’s Florida residence, and her senior friends.

Folks down there were worried.

By Wednesday night, forecasters saw that Chantal was breaking up, and was no longer a tropical storm, just a few storm clouds. I breathed a sign of relief.

Not so for the Weather Channel folks.

With Cantore in Hurricane Central, he gave us the latest update. He reported that “unfortunately” Chantal was dissipating. I turned to my wife, “Did he really say ‘unfortunately?’”

She confirmed.

That also confirms my impressions of attitudes at the Atlanta-based station. They’ll do anything to make weather appear worse than it is to push their global warming agenda.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe there is some sort of climate change occurring.

But let’s not pray for devastation to make a point.

It makes you wonder how real those tears are when they’re on scene of a tornado/hurricane, reporting on damage and loss of life.



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