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Tessa’s latest...

June 18, 2013 - Terri Castelaz
Here is a few Tessa quote’s as requested friends (And for those who don’t know her, she’s four, going on 21.):

After a recent shopping trip to Green Bay, we went to dinner. After the waitress took our drink order I could tell Tessa was watching her go back and forth at a few other tables. As the waitress passed our table she puts up her figure and says, “Excuse me miss, I don’t have a fork or knife. Oh and I also need a napkin. Thank you.” Of course the waitress laughed and said well you don’t of course I will go get one for you. Tessa looks as us and asks, “Why was the lady laughing at me.”

At a softball game, after listening to argument of a couple of coaches, she turns to us and says, “I think we have a situation here. Everyone stay calm.”

Before her big graduation day from prekindergarten at school, we were taking a ride and she was in the back seat singing. I turned and asked her oh is that a song for your program. She said “Yes, I’m practicing.” She proceeds with the song and then out of the blue says, “I really hope I don’t get stage fright.”

Trying to get her to bed, which is very difficult because she is a night owl, she said, “Mom I have to tell you something. I know why I can’t go to sleep. I have springs in my eyeballs.” I said springs? How is that. “Ya muscle springs and they don’t close so don’t make me try it will really hurt. And it will make me cry then you will feel really bad.”



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