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Tell me again

June 11, 2013 - Blaine Hyska
First, the government plays politics with IRS non-profit accounts.

Then, the government grabs phone records from the Associated Press.

Next, the government downloads every phone record, and every internet file of every person in the U.S.

And some Americans are not concerned. Worse yet, some aren’t even aware of these developments.

When approached, they say they don’t have anything to hide.

Hello. It doesn’t matter.

That much knowledge is power, a tremendous amount of power. More power than anyone can imagine.

What could just one unscrupulous individual in Washington do with that much power? How much would that information be worth to another country, a terrorist group, a powerful corporation?

On a lesser scale, what could one low-level government peon do with that information for wad of cash, a little personal payback or some “innocent” fun?

Do you think those government bureaucrats, with their fun-time, lavish conventions, place responsibility and honesty over personal gain?

Please, tell me again how much you trust everyone in the White House.



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