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Ten questions: 'Walking Dead'

February 21, 2013 - Jim Anderson
Early on, I wasn’t much of a fan of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

Lately, though, I’ve been warming up to its themes of love and human dignity in a near-fatalistic world. Mostly I’m just happy they got rid of Shane and Lori.

I do have some questions.

10. They’re dead ... but they’re still ... good at something?

9. Daryl and the crossbow ... a functional choice or more of a style thing?

8. If a walker walked on water, would that make it a swimmer?

7. No one ever talks about making a pharmacy run for Rick?

6. Before the apocalypse, when Andrea enjoyed “The Wizard of Oz,” she could tell the good witches from the bad witches, right?

5. Carl, son, all things considered ... you’d never get away with that hat at school, now would you?

4. The townsfolk in Woodbury ... do they mostly watch FOX or MSNBC?

3. If you combined Merle, Hershel and The Governor, does that add up to Captain Hook?

2. If a walker falls asleep, does it have nightmares about the living?

1. If I like Michonne on facebook will the sun come out tomorrow?



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