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The 80s stirrup pant

February 19, 2013 - Terri Castelaz
As far as fashion goes, no decade comes close to “most ridiculous” as the ‘80s.

Ranking as one of its worst trends of its time has to be the stirrup pant. These were leggings which had an elastic strap attached to the bottom cuff. You slipped the strap over your foot, so that it rested right in the middle of the arch of your foot.

These pants made no one look good. Yet, everyone wore them.

I remember them being part of my everyday fashionable work attire. (As shown in picture!)

Oh these cuties, which came in every color imaginable, could be worn with belted shirts (belted low on the hips) and oversized sweaters and sweatshirts. I couldn’t wait when the id clothing store (in the Birchwood Mall) got their new season of colors in.

They even made a stirrup attachment that made a “regular” pair of pants, jeans, etc. turn into a pair of stirrups. How many of you remember those handy dandy gadgets? Never had to worry about your jeans coming out of your little elf looking boots.

Lets all pray these babies don’t make a come back.

A few other fabs I don’t particular care to see making another appearance are the sexy shoulder pads, oh so popular leg warmers, and the very attractive parachute pants.



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