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The things I think

February 6, 2013 - Blaine Hyska
The things I think...sometimes I even wonder where they come from.

— If they’re going to have a vote on the wolf hunt, they shouldn’t include the Lower Peninsula. The only wolf they’ve seen is pacing back and forth in a cage at a zoo. They’ve been brain-washed into thinking wolves are created by Disney and talk to rabbits.

— I’m OK with gays being admitted into the Boy Scouts. I’m just wondering about bathroom arrangements. If a gay person walks into a bathroom/shower room of his or her own physical sex, no one says a word. If that’s OK, why can’t a female Boy Scout leader walk into a bathroom/shower room full of Boy Scouts? What’s the difference? Or should we pass a law requiring unisex bathrooms?

— Allowing illegal immigrants into the U.S. is probably a good idea, if we give equal treatment to U.S. citizens. The U.S. is all eager to issue driver’s licenses to the immigrants without batting an eye, no questions asked. Remember, these people have already broken the law. They’re here illegally. Meanwhile, we have citizen taxpayers being hauled off to jail every day because they can’t afford the fines and costs associated with getting their licenses back. How about a little love for these people, too? They’ve been here all their lives — legally.

— Using drones to kill U.S. citizens who have been “labeled” as terrorists is a lot more humane than allowing the CIA to tap their phones. Now that’s a violation of their civil rights.



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