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Newspaper reality series

January 23, 2013 - Jim Anderson
Jim Romenesko, a Midwest journalist who has a couple of blogs and a facebook page and such, reports that a bunch of newspapers have responded to a reality series casting call from NBC Peacock Productions.

The producers sought “a small-town local paper working hard to stay on top of breaking small-town news and keep financially afloat in an ever-increasing competitive world.”

Hmm. They used “small-town” twice in the same pitch.

Guess they wanted the New York Times to get the hint.

Anyway, Romenesko says “more than 70 editors and publishers” have responded.

Which tells me there are at least 70 editors and publishers out there who really hate their lives. Why else would you share it on camera ... .

Romenesko says he’s been promised an update from Producer Cara Biega after an upcoming meeting about the potential series.

Emphasis on potential.

OK, I’m jealous already.

And of course I would watch.

As Jennifer Brett at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wryly observes — “Journalists find other journalists fascinating, in the way babies stare with unknowing wonder at each other.”

Maybe not so much fascinating.

Council meeting tonight, me bye-bye.



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