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Checks and balances

November 15, 2012 - Blaine Hyska
The election is over, and now, lawmakers will begin the tough job of fixing America.

Actually, tough is too weak of an adjective. Try onerous, punishing, or exhausting.

One man who wanted to be part of this process, Gary McDowell, stretched the election results over a couple of days. I don’t blame him. If you were running for office, you would owe it to yourself and your supporters to wait until the last vote was counted in a close race.

Dr. Dan Beniskek of Crystal Falls prevaled in the election and he continues to be our representative for the First Congressional District of Michigan. Voters sent him back to Washington to do the job he promised to do.

Since Obama won, some observers say the U.S. House should bow to “the will of the nation” and give in to the president.

But that’s the beauty of checks and balances.

Obama was re-elected to do his job, and Dr. Beniskek and the rest of the House of Representatives were re-elected to do theirs. They all represent the will of their constituency.

It should come as no surprise that the president will push his version of a budget proposal. Likewise, it should come as no surprise that the House will champion its version.

The logjam — gridlock if you will — will only ease if both sides are willing to compromise.



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