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Survey says...Family Feud is #1

August 31, 2012 - Nikki Younk
When I’m not working hard to bring you the news or busy pondering the mysteries of the universe, I spend my time in a most constructive manner. I watch reruns of Family Feud on the Game Show Network.

Seriously, aside from Match Game*, Family Feud is probably the greatest game show ever created.

Answers to Feud questions are plain, simple common sense. It’s so easy to play along. There’s no trivia to make contestants or the audience at home feel stupid. There are no cases to open. There are no ridiculous physical challenges.

Also, The number of levels to go through in each episode of the Feud fits perfectly with the show’s half hour running time. There are four face-off questions, then the winning team gets to play Fast Money. It's fast-paced with no room for fluff. Sometime in the past decade, other game shows have developed the exceedingly annoying habit of making contestants talk through their thought processes. Are they sure they have the right answer? Why do they think it’s the right answer? Do they want to use a lifeline? I don’t care! “Talking it through” is just a cheap way to fill up time.

In any game show, the host is quite possibly the most important component. You need someone with presence, attitude, and comedic chops. New Feud host Steve Harvey really pulls it all together. He’s the best host since Richard Dawson, and probably the funniest host the show’s ever had. I’d much rather watch Harvey make goofy faces and poke fun at contestants than listen to Jeff Foxworthy screeching “You’re not smarter than a fifth-grader!,” or see Howie Mandel do his “open the case” hand gestures.

Please, join me and millions of other satisfied viewers in watching the Feud — perhaps the best half hour of television you'll see all day.

*Unfortunately, GSN doesn't air reruns of Match Game anymore. If they did, I'd be imploring you to watch that instead. Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, and Gene Rayburn were comic gold.



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