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Tough week for Urlacher

August 19, 2012 - Ron Deuter
Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher sure had a tough week — knee surgery on Monday and then dumped by Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy Friday.

In a statement released Friday, McCarthy said: "Brian and I have decided to turn our romance into an amazing friendship. I will continue to be the biggest cheerleader for him."

Ah, the old ‘let’s just be friends’ line.

I’m not sure what’s worse, going under the knife right before the season or having one of the hottest Playmates of all time break up with you and head to Vegas a day later to celebrate.

Still, I’m sure Urlacher can’t be too broken up considering the romance lasted only a few months. And after all is said and done, he did get to date a playmate.

Oh by the way, for the Packers fans reading this, the type of playmate I’m referring to is different than the rectangular plastic box where you keep the cheese kurds cold while tailgating. And to further clear up any confusion, by saying she will remain his ‘biggest’ cheerleader, she meant most devoted.



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