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University of Conspiracy

August 8, 2012 - Jim Anderson
Right-wing radio shows (we get, what, 12 hours of them per day locally?) are devoting a lot of time to the theory that Barack Obama was enrolled as a foreign exchange student at Columbia University.

There’s no basis to the claim — only the suspicion that because Obama hasn’t released his college transcripts, he must have something monumental to hide.

It’s a counter-punch to the debate over Mitt Romney refusing to release more of his tax returns. Even though it’s a false equivalency, it does fill space and time with another interesting Obama conspiracy farce.

(One thing that puzzles me is the apparent assumption that enrollment as a foreign student offers a financial advantage. Since when?)

Do I know for certain that Obama didn’t enroll as a foreign student? No. Neither am I sure that Mitt Romney didn’t experiment with LSD while working as a Mormon missionary in France in the ’60s.

Anyway, why doesn’t Obama just release his college records?

For one thing, most other recent presidential candidates (including Romney) have also declined to release their academic records. There’s no precedent for it.

Second, even if the records show that Obama enrolled as a U.S. citizen, the focus might quickly shift to his “communist” course of study.

Third ... OK, maybe there is no third reason, other than just say no.

At some point, it could make sense for the president to relent. I doubt that it will happen, just as I doubt that Romney will release more tax returns. But you never know.

I’ve included, at right, links to some recent campaign stuff, including an entry (Whoppers of 2012) that cites a "cavalier disregard for facts on both sides."



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