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The price of gas

June 22, 2012 - Blaine Hyska
We’re all happy to see gasoline prices drop.

Unfortunately, oil prices are generally tied to the economy. When the economy is doing poorly, prices go down. When the economy improves, oil prices go up. It’s cheap gas versus your 401(k).

Experts are now saying we’ll have $3 a gallon gasoline by the Fourth of July. I wonder if these are the same guys that, a couple of months ago, predicted $5 a gallon by the Fourth of July.

It’s popular to tear into the owners of gasoline stations when prices go up. “Gas was 20 cents cheaper when I was in Green Bay,” someone will say. “Why is it so expensive here?” That’s a good question, but I don’t believe the local owners are highway robbers.

Heck, Iron Mountain-Kingsford has more than a handful of abandoned gas stations — businesses that have gone belly-up. If there’s so much money in being a gas station owner, wouldn’t you think that someone would reopen those stations?

Yet they sit empty and vacant.



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